Thursday, July 28, 2011

More with Mason

Mason is in the NICU still. Today he is 38 weeks gestation. I feel like I have been pretty patient with him being there but on Monday after the nurse told me he was "immature" and he wasn't where I was hoping he would be by now, I was a little down. Also I'm tired of making decisions of where to be and asking people to watch our girls. I feel so bad about that! I can always tell myself that so many people have it much harder than us, but for a minute I had a little pity party and then got over it and moved on. I think every once in a while everyone is entitled to one, as long as it is short-lived.

Brandon surprised me that day and stopped by. I love him! He Is the perfect man for me! He amazes me and I feel so blessed to have him by my side. He has had to take on a lot of responsibilities and hasn't complained, even though I know it has been so difficult for him.

Mason now is doing alright. He just has to figure out eating better and be able to eat full feeds for 48 hours. He got his oxygen taken off a few days ago and has done really well without it. The only time he struggles a bit with a little apnea is when he is bottle fed. He is getting a little more adjusted to it but still needs some work. He was put on Zantac for his reflux and the nurses think it has helped.

So for now we just wait and pray that he can figure it out soon and be able to come home. That will be a great day!


Brittney said...

Linds you are so incredible!!! I still just feel so sad that you and your sweet family have to deal with all of this. We would love to have your girls come stay with us anytime, just let me know when would be a good time. Hang in there!!! Love you guys!!!

Janae said...

Go Mason, go! He's going to turn a corner any day now. I just know it! Hang in there!