Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sweet baby!

We are all hanging in there. More updates coming soon, but for now...Mason was transferred to Ogden, YAAY!! This will make his time in the hospital a little easier for our family. We are loving all our time with him, but missing our girls!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So much has happened the last couple days that it seems like months have passed by. On Monday I had an appointment with a perinatologist to do an ultrasound of our babies kidneys. I had complete placenta previa and at an ultrasound the week before at 31 weeks I had been told our baby had polycystic kidney disease. At my appointment on Monday I was told his kidneys were 2 to 3x the size they should be and were "bright" (still not sure what that means but she said it normally means there is something wrong). I was told that I was to deliver at u of u hospital and until then I needed to go to McKay dee for weekly ultrasounds. Basically she wasn't sure what was wrong with his kidneys but something was. She said to be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. My mom and I left upset, even more confused, and very worried.

Brandon had been to an appt in Ogden and as soon as he got home had mike (my awesome brother-in-law) help give me a blessing. It was a beautiful blessing with so much power! I was blessed that through faith our babies kidneys would be made whole like my placenta had been 3 weeks before. It was a special blessing and instantly brought me a lot of peace.

The day went on and I was outside talking to my neighbors, Tami and Nancy, when I decided to go into the house to grab something. I was going through the garage and before the steps to my house there was a booster on the ground I was stepping over. Somehow I fell. I tripped and hit my belly so hard on the stair. I instantly knew I was in bad shape! My neighbors ran to me and I felt blood pouring out of me. I ran to the bathroom freaking out, bleeding all over! I was panicking and trying to call my husband and family while Tammy called the ambulance. It was horrifying and I was so blessed that my neighbors were there to help me!

The ambulance came and took me to the hospital. All I could think was "I am so stupid, I can't believe I did this"! I couldn't feel the baby moving at all and was expecting the worst. Then I was getting concerned for myself. When I got to the hospital Brandon and Mike gave me another blessing (powerful) and so many of my family members showed up. I was truly surrounded by love! They did an ultrasound and did a blood test that tested positive that our babies blood was mixed in mine. They monitored me for a while and dr. Fowers said I could stay and be watched or they would fly me to the u of u hospital. He said if it was his wife he would send her, so off I went.

When the helicopter landed at the hospital there was the most beautiful sunset. It is hard to describe how it calmed me and made me feel of my heavenly fathers love and knew he was right there with me. It was a special moment.

At the hospital I once again got a wonderful doctor. They monitored me and around 1:30 am we had turned off the lights to get some sleep. I had been having the braxton hicks contractions pretty close together, but they soon were becoming real contractions and I started bleeding heavily. Right when i was about to call for the doctor he came in and said that they had been watching the monitors and "felt" like they needed to deliver the baby right then. They prepped me and took me to the operating room. I started gushing blood. The placenta was tearing away from the cervix. They cut me open at 2:18 am and mason was out at 2:19 am. It was incredibly fast! Throughout the surgery "A Child's Prayer" was going through my head and helped calm me. Mason was passed through a window to the nicu, but I wasn't able to hear or see him but they said he was ok. Our nightmare was over.

Through this whole experience I have felt so many miracles. For a lot of that day I was really blaming myself for having this happen. Why didn't I move the booster? Why wasn't I more careful? How could I have done this? What more had I caused our baby to have to endure? I quickly realized this is what the advesary wanted. Instead of looking for the blessing it was, I was tearing myself down. Brandon and the girls were supposed to be leaving the next day to california. Because of the previa I was staying home and my parents were going in my place to help out. What if this had happened when they were gone and I was all alone?! What a blessing it happened then! I feel like all of the doctors were so inspired for what was best for me and our baby! Later on tuesday they did an ultrasound of his kidneys. We were very nervous! When the doctor said everything was completely normal we cried. That was a miracle!

I have such a strong testimony of the power of the Priesthood! I know that it is real and that it is truly heavenly father's power on earth. I feel so blessed for all of the help we have received from family and friends. We are overwhelmed once again by so much love, concern and generosity!

Mason weighed 4 lbs. 2.7 oz. And was 17.5 inches long. He had a c-pap to put pressure on his lungs to help him breathe easier. His breathing became a little labored so they injected surfactant into his lungs. He now just has a little oxygen on his nose. They started feeding him a little through his nose yesterday and we are hoping to be able to try to feed him in the next couple days depending on how well he is doing. I was able to hold him yesterday for about 10 minutes which was wonderful! We aren't sure hoe long he will be here or what we are doing.

We are so grateful for all of the prayers on our behalf! We have felt so much love and support and are so appreciative!