Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Emma tripped on a carpet rug at the bottom of my friend's stairs & hit her eye on the bottom stair...OUCH!!!! This is actually when it was looking a lot better. Poor girl!

Girl's Trip

A couple weeks ago a few of my friends and I went on a little 3-night cruise. It was supposed to stop in Ensenada, but it was right during the Swine Flu breakout was so it stopped in Catalina (which was better anyway because we weren't even going to get off in Ensenada anyway). BJ owed me BIG TIME from all of his guy's trips that he has been on lately, so it was a perfect guilt-free trip. There was great food, great conversation, & RELAXATION! Just what I needed!!!

A Little Dance Group

My neighbor did this little dance group that the girls were in. Here are a couple pictures from their recital. My battery died in my camera so I didn't get good pictures of Sydnee & Madelyn. They did a great job! I was so impressed with all of them, but especially Emma! She is so shy so I thought she would just stand there, but he did awesome!

And I'm sure everyone is wondering why my girls aren't in Infinity. Infinity is one of the best dance programs (and I'm not just saying that because Mandy owns the studio. You just have to watch their dancers to know it.) but I decided to take the year off because I would have had to drive to Brigham 2-3 times a week & this year I wasn't up to it because we were already super busy! Hopefully next year!