Monday, March 30, 2009


Sophie just had her birthday on the 25! I can't believe my baby is already 1! I just love her! For her birthday we just had some family over for cake & ice cream. As you can see she LOVED her cake once again. In fact she licked her plate clean...literally!

This is the dress my mom made for Sophie. It is so cute!

My Dad's Birthday

For my dad's birthday Chelsea & I went to lunch with him at Cafe Sabor. I love my dad! He is such a WONDERFUL man!

My Birthday

For my birthday we took our little family to dinner at Chili's. That was the BEST part of my day because my girls and husband are the BEST part of my life! At dinner they gave me cards & then when we got home they picked out these presents for me at the Dollar Store...just what I was wanting!!!

But the cards they gave me were my favorite!

Emma's card said-
I love you so much because Mommy is nice, she is cute, & she loves Daddy. -Emma

Madelyn's card said-
I love you so much because
1. I was born from you
2. She does my hair so pretty
3. She's nice to let me have toys
4. She buys me food
5. Because she married Daddy

And Sydnee's card said-
Dear Mom I Love you because
1. She is nice to everyone and
2. She cares and
3. She's the best
4. She wants the best for me
5. She makes delicious food
6. She cares about me doing dangerous "thig"
7. She loveds me
8. She wants me to get a high grade
9. because she lets me stay up "lite"
10. She loves me just the way I am

Birthdays Celebration

We celebrated March birthdays at my parent's house. Sophie got LOTS of kisses by my sister's dog (a little disgusting), LOVED her cupcake (I mean she DEVOURED it in about 2 seconds), & tried to figure out how to open her presents.

Charnelle's Wedding

Brandon's oldest sister, Charnelle, got married on March 7th. Here are a couple pictures from it. Sydnee thought she was so great since she matched Charnelle!

Friday, March 6, 2009

11 Month

My baby is almost one! I can't stand the idea! She is obviously still into EVERYTHING, especially my plant soil. She has the funniest teeth! The top two are both on her right side. The other side is getting close to the surface, but I have never seen a baby's teeth like that. Very goofy!

Sophie has started walking & will walk across rooms. She also folds her arms when we pray. I think she actually might do better than our other girls. Sophie is pretty smart! For over a month she has used her bottom two teeth to open things like the lotion bottle & her Gerber snack container. She is so much fun & so loved!

New Mexico

Sophie & I went to New Mexico with Brandon for his work. We had a good time & the highlight was probably no snow & when I was outside, I was actually warmed from the sun. We went to dinner & enjoyed time with some friends. Overall it was a nice weekend (thanks to the GPS that got us around. Otherwise we would have been lost the whole time!)

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day Brandon gave me these flowers. He left to go snowmobiling that day to Island Park so I took my other sweethearts to dinner with me to Cafe Rio. We actually had a lot of fun! Wow! I have a lot of LOVE in my life!