Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Summer Review

This is a big post from some of our happenings this summer. It's more for me to remember than anything so sorry it's so long...I also need to add pictures from my other camera. I'm mad because something is messed up with this camera so the resolution is horrible. O'well!

I decided it had been a long time since I had taken the girls to Hogle Zoo (it was right before Emma was born), so Chelsea & I braved our way with our SEVEN girls, yes SEVEN! Even though we were WAY outnumbered we managed to have a good time!

In July we went to Steamboat Springs, Colorado & had a great time! We went swimming, down the Alpine Slides, rode the gondola, went on a little hike, went to a white trash miniature golf course & maze, & just really had a fun time being together & with some of our friends from Farm Bureau. While we were at a hot springs water park, Sophie split her head open. It was a nightmare because I took her to the doctor. He first glued it shut, but as soon as I left the office I looked back & she had ripped the glue off & it started bleeding again all over. I took her back & he put steristrips on it. Well, the next morning she ripped those off. The doctor called that day (we had come home) & asked how she was doing & said looking back he should have stitched it. O'well. I just hope it doesn't scar too bad, but our little Sophie is one tough girl!

I can't believe that Madelyn is 6!!! A couple days after her birthday we had a Hawaiian party complete with a waterslide (thanks to my wonderful friend!). The girls seemed to have fun, but it was a HOT day!!!

Brandon & I invested in a couple bikes & a trailer. Our girls enjoy going on bike rides (Sophie isn't quite sure), but there favorite place to ride is up to Heidi & Mike's in Millville.

Madelyn turned 6 on July 11th so she decided we should go to McDonalds. It is kind of funny how much kids love that germ infested place, but I guess a couple times a year is okay...

The Logan fireworks are on the 3rd of July. We always go to Brandon's parent's house & have a barbecue before going to watch the fireworks next to the stadium. It has become a great tradition & something our girls look forward to!

Me & the girls went to Park City for a couple nights at my parent's time share at The Canyons over Emma's 4th birthday. We had a great (and crazy) time there! My sister's & mom were there & I love spending time with them! Even though it is caos with our kids, I love being with them!

These pictures are from when we went on a little picnic to Willow Park. We love going to Willow Park!

Madelyn got stung by a wasp(?). Ouch!!!

The day after Brandon & I got back from our trip we had a family reunion at Hyrum Dam. The girls have so much fun with all of their cousins and luckily a lot of them are girls!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I can't believe that summer is over & school has started. Sydnee is in 2nd grade & Madelyn is in 1st grade. (Now I don't have any excuses to have a clean house & dinner on the table. Crap!) Actually I have mixed feelings about it. The girls LOVE school & I am so ready to get them on a better schedule of going to bed earlier, etc., but now our fun is coming to an end. We really had a great summer & did a lot of fun things. AND I am going from being together with them all of the time, to them being gone almost the whole day. It's a good & bad thing! I really miss them, yet it is nice to get to spend more quality time with Emma & Sophie. Anyway, enough about my conflicting opinions...

The girls started school last Thursday & were so excited! On Friday Madelyn went outside to the bus stop (which is our driveway) an hour early. I had to go talk her into coming inside for a bit longer. I am just so glad that they love school & have some great friends there!