Monday, August 20, 2007


We went on a family vacation to San Diego in July. We stayed on Coronado Island & went to the beach there. Sydnee, Madelyn, & Emma loved it!

Swimming with the Dolphins

I had so much fun swimming with the dolphins!

It was such a fun experience! In Hawaii, we

also went on a Zipline adventure, a snorkle sail

(where we saw a lot of dolphins, sea turtles, &

whales), to the Polynesian cultural center,

the Temple, & to some incredibly good

dinners! This one was aboard the USS Missouri.

Me & Brandon


Chelsea has been getting at me to post (and she actually set this up for me), so here it goes. In April Brandon & I went on a trip to Hawaii. We went to Kauai first & then to Oahu. We had a great time!