Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bahamas Cruise

Last month, Brandon & I went with 2 of his employees & their spouses on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was beautiful & we had a great time! It stopped in Nassau, Bahamas first where we went on a snorkling tour. It stopped in 3 places & the last we were supposed to see Reef Sharks. Well it was mating season for the sharks so they weren't really there. I was so mad! O'well. Then we stopped at Cocoa Cay, Bahamas. It is Royal Caribbeans private island & was so beautiful! Then the last stop was Key West, Florida. It was SUPER hot there so we rented scooters & drove around the whole day.

It is getting a lot harder leaving our kids & we are lucky to have such great family (& friends) who helped us out! More than anything it is great spending alone time with BJ remembering what a great relationship we have without the kids!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our little VARMIT!

Sophie is our little varmit & gets into EVERYTHING! BJ gave her that nickname a while ago, but today I just looked up the meaning & it said this...an awnry/ornery, pesky/pesty, grouchy, cantankerous, belligerent, tetchy, argumentative, crabby, unreasonable, or bad tempered HUMAN BEING OR CREATURE. Opps! I think she might get a little complex from her little nickname, because she really isn't an ornery creature.

But what she IS is a messy girl! Luckily this mess was mud, but the week before I wasn't so lucky! She has the ability to get into anything she sees & figures out how to get into QUICKLY! She can climb the ladder to the bunkbeds, climbs into the bath & gets into the toilet(don't worry we keep the door closed). Really she just gets into EVERYTHING!!! Good thing she is cute!

Madelyn thought she needed to join in & had me take this picture!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The end of May we had Lauren & Hallie stay a couple nights at our house while Chelsea & Ryan were in Hawaii. Our girls LOVE them & we had a lot of fun...

but this is how I felt, CRAZY!!!