Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sydnee's Soccer Game

Sydnee started playing soccer this year & has had a lot of fun so far. She would be considered more of a cheerleader/coach than a player & hasn't built up a lot of endurance yet. She was so cute & funny! She would basically check herself out & then volunteer to go back in. Normally you hate to go out of the game, but she has the same great attitude coming out as going in. Sydnee is really a sweet girl!


Sophie's Ears Pierced

I took Sophie last week & got her ears pierced. She was really good & I think they look cute on her!

Annual Money Hunt

We had our annual money hunt this year at my Grandma & Grandpa Nelson's. Since my parents moved to Perry their yard isn't quite as big for the hunt so my dad hid the money at my grandparent's & my uncle Clint's yard. Sadly we did poorly again this year because football defensive player (aka Chelsea) rocked it. O'well....maybe next year.


Easter Egg Hunts

We had a lot of fun at our Easter egg hunts at Grandma Charla & Grandpa Paul's house & in our neighborhood with a couple of our friends!