Tuesday, February 26, 2008


For all of you who know my dad, you know what an awesome man that he is. Yesterday he came & built shelves for me in my cold storage & storage room. They are awesome & I am thrilled with them that I can finally get my stuff organized. Anyway, he is one of my heroes because of the selfless & giving person that he is! So really this is just a little shout out to my dad. He means the world to me!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Riding Bikes, Collecting Duck Feathers, & Swimming in Mesquite


We just went on a little camping trip to Mesquite & it was so nice to get out of the snow. The girls were able to go swimming, ride their bikes, & just play outside. Too bad we had to come back to the freezing cold snow!

Friday, February 8, 2008

More Pictures

I'm at my parent's house tonight & I had my camera so I thought I should try updating this a little since my internet won't let me upload my pictures. Anyway, these are just some random pictures of our girls. The picture of Madelyn is with her friend Abby & whenever they play she brings the matching dresses so they can be twiners.

Our Big Helper

This picture is of Sydnee and her cousin Linkin. Sydnee loves babies & she is going to be such a big helper when her new baby sister arrives. Even now she helps me so much with Emma. She will change her wet diapers, help bathe her, and get her dressed. I am so lucky to have Sydnee & for the great girl that she is!!!

Emma's "Happy Dance"

While the other girls were at school, Emma dressed up in their dance clothes & told me she was doing her "happy dance" & boy was she ever. It was hilarious!!!


Our friends took me & Brandon to a Jazz game (2nd row) in January & we got these sweatbands. For all of you who know Brandon, he is a HUGE Jazz fan, so his little girls became supporters.

Walking in Daddy's Footsteps

Emma took a lot of joy from walking around our house in her daddy's shoes! She really thought she was something!

New Year's Day Sledding

New Year's Eve we spent at my parent's house & then on New Year's we went with everyone sledding at John Adam's Park. The girl's had so much fun!!! Emma was really enjoying herself until the sled tipped over & the girls fell on top of her. Poor Emma!

Some Christmas Pictures

We had a great Christmas this year! We spent Christmas Eve at Brandon's parents house where we had a yummy prime rib dinner, exchanged gifts, & the kid's had a pinata & dressed up for the nativity. Sydnee & Madelyn were sheep & Emma was an angel although she insisted the she was a "onkee" (donkey). Then on Christmas morning after opening presents at our house we went to my parent's house & spent the day. Christmas is the best with kids!!!

My parent's gave this car to Emma for Christmas & she absolutely loves it! She goes all over our house in it, and of course she has to be dressed up. That girl changes her clothes at least 10 times every day!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some Sad News

Yesterday we got a phone call that Brandon's grandpa passed away. We are so sad, because we were really close to him! He lived a really good, long life but it is still hard. I especially feel bad for his grandma! It would be so hard to loose your spouse! I am grateful, though, that we were able to get to know him and visit him like we did.