Sunday, November 30, 2008


I really can't believe that Sydnee is 7 and then next year she can be baptized! It is so funny to watch her & see how she already is having so many experiences that I remember vividly having in elementary (having blisters on my hands from the monkey bars, chasing boys, writing notes to my friends asking if they were my best friends & having them check yes or no, etc.). Last week I had a friend from our neighborhood say that she was looking at our blog & her son saw our family picture & pointed at Sydnee & said "she is the popular girl at school". I know that if she is, it is only because she is the most warm, kind, tender-hearted little girl who loves friends & includes everyone.

On Sydnee's birthday it was so cute because she wrote this list of the meals she would like to have on her birthday. (She had been wanting breakfast in bed for her birthday for quite a while because the girls give me & BJ breakfast in bed for our birthdays & Mother's/Father's day.) Then at the bottom she wrote what gifts she would like to have. After she ate breakfast & opened her presents, her daddy surprised her with an ipod (it was a surprise for us all, but compared to the 4 wheeler, I thought it was a very good surprise. I will just pretend like I had not just ordered an MP3 player for her for Christmas. O'well!)

Sophie 8 Months

Sophie is now 8 months old & like I say every month, I can't believe how fast the times goes. This last month she has grown a TON & changed a lot. She is getting super chubby & last month really started crawling all over & is trying to stand up at things. She is the happiest baby & smiles at everyone! She is starting once again to sleep longer at night & is jabbering (ya, ma, da, etc.). I love that all of our girls are so different, yet equally wonderful! How blessed I am!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I am thinking about going private. I keep going back & forth on if I should or not. Anyway, if I do & you would like me to send you an invite, please leave your email address. Thanks!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Days like this I wonder why I even try. Sometimes it would be better to have her go without diapers! I literally cut her onsie off of her it was THAT BAD! The problem is we have at least one blow out a day. I've changed diaper brands a couple of times, with no luck! Any recommendations anyone?!?

Halloween Festivities

We had a great Halloween from decorating pumpkins, making Monster Toast, going to Grandma Charla & Grandpa Paul's party, the school's carnival, trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, & Grammy & Papa's party. It was busy, but it was SO MUCH fun!!!