Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Emma lately has been doing some things that I have asked her not to do. When I asked if she had done something the other day she told me, "I didn't do NAUGHTY HAND did it." REALLY????

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maddie's New Haircut

Maddie got her hair cut yesterday & I love it!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years!

We had a wonderful time on New Years Eve! Our friends, the Richards, had a little party at their house. Megan is a great hostess & had lots of fun things for us to do. We had pizza & some other yummy food for dinner. Then the kids made a girl & boy out of boxes. Everyone wrote down their New Year's resolution which was placed in the box & then we burnt them in the street. Then the kids did sparklers & played a guessing game on how many starbursts were in a jar. Madelyn won which she was so excited about! The adults played a game answering questions that had to do with the number 9. For how many questions you answered correctly you got raffle tickets. Then they did a drawing for prizes. I got a gift certificate to Bajios. (BJ was excited about that!) At about 9:00 PM we did the countdown & made a toast. The drinks were extra tasty! We got home at about 9:30 & put the kids to bed. It was so much fun & so nice not to have ornery kids in the morning. Our girls do not do well without sleep (especially Sydnee)! Thanks Megan & Eric for such a great night!!!

Sophie is 9 Months

Sophie has changed so much in this last month! She got her first tooth a couple weeks ago & is about to cut 2 more. She started walking behind a walker & around furniture & climbing up the stairs. She is into EVERYTHING! She sees every speck of dust on the ground & tries to eat it. It is so scary! I remember worrying about my other girls, but not this much! She just finds everything! She is still so happy, but her sleeping patterns haven't changed as she still wakes up a couple times each night. She also still spits up as you can see in this picture of Madelyn. I can't tell you how many times I have told Madelyn not to lay Sophie on her belly because she would spit up on her. She never believed me until this happened. And I am such a mean mom I grabbed my camera before I helped her clean it up.

Anyway, Sophie is great! She is a cute, chubby, happy little girl who is growing & changing too fast! I bet she will be walking in the next month or two. Our other girls had no ambition to crawl until they were 10-11 months old. Sophie just can't sit still!

Sophie sadly got this black eye lid after this video. She had gotten to the table & tried to move from the walker to the table & her hand slipped & she hit the corner of the table. It made me feel so bad, but unfortunately it won't be the end of bumps & bruises for her. It seems like when they learn to walk they fall down all of the time!

Christmas Day

After opening presents at home, we got dressed & went over to my parent's house. We had a delicious breakfast & then opened presents. At both grandparent's homes it is complete chaos with all of the grandkids! We had fun, but had hoped to be able to spend more time with everyone. We went & visited Grandma J for a while & then went back to my parent's house. We ended up sleeping over that night because of the bad storm that came. Christmas was great, but it is so sad how fast it was here & gone. It seems like so much preparation & then it is gone in a second!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is so much fun with kids! Sydnee came into our room around 4:30 in the morning & we obviously had her go bad to sleep. We then didn't get up until around 8:30. We first wrote a letter to Jesus & write down what gifts we will give Him this next year. We put them in a stocking & then open them up the next year to see how we did. Then we opened up presents. I was a little concerned that Sydnee would be disappointed that Santa didn't bring her a puppy, but she got a webkinz Chihuahua & a note from Santa's elf telling her that although her family wasn't ready for a real puppy, she needed to take care of love this puppy. It seemed to make her happy, & luckily for us nothing else has been said about it (which is suprising because I have talked to her about it previously for HOURS & HOURS). I made each of the girls a blanket & BJ gave them a certificate for a daddy daughter date night. BJ got me a Cricut Expression. I had never heard of it before but I was pleasantly surprised & impressed! We had a great morning!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we have a party at Brandon's parent's house. We had delicious food, a pinata, the kids did the nativity & a couple crafts, & we opened presents. We had a great time!

More Holiday Crafts

During the holiday break I have been trying to have fun projects for the girls to do. I thought by keeping them busy with things they would be really good...not the case, but anyway these are a couple more that they did. I had them paint their own aprons & we also made snowflake tortillas & put butter & cinnamon sugar on top & baked them. They turned out pretty fun & yummy!

Christmas Dresses