Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Here is an update for how things have been going here. Mason is now over 4 months old now. At his doctor appt. he weighed 9 lbs. 8 oz. He has been growing a lot lately. I took him to Salt Lake last month and they did a couple tests on his kidneys and they said they are functioning great. The tests were rough for him and after the first he started dropping a little, but he got through them and I am so happy that everything looks great! He is such a sweet, happy baby! He is super smiley and has started to giggle. So cute! I just love him. I'm always reminding myself to be appreciative that we are where we are...home.

The winter approaching, though, makes me really nervous! He was supposed to be getting RSV shots but the insurance denied him (I guess they are around $1200 each and he would get them once a month during RSV season). His doctor is mad and has tried to get the insurance company to ok them, but since he was many weeks old on November 1st, he's denied. She even talked to the rep for the shots and the rep said it wasn't her fault that the mother has so many kids. (Rude!) Basically I'm just hoping to get through this winter with a healthy baby.

I haven't gotten him any more of his immunizations yet. That last time scared me so much I want to give him a little more time to be able to handle them better. I had my kids and I get flu shots. I never know what to do but I'm hoping it will help. It's hard because the girls have to go to school and them bringing home germs is what concerns me most.

Mason hasn't had any of his turning blue spells for a while. One of his last was when we were in Bear Lake. My sister-in-law's dad passed away (so sad!) so my sisters and I went to the viewing and left the kids and husbands at the cabin. While we were gone Mason had stopped breathing and turned blue for a bit. Brandon called me and was really concerned. I have never had anxiety before all of this happened and now I understand a little what people go through. I knew that Mason would be okay, but I was just hit with all of the emotions I had gone through while he was at the hospital. My association with him there isn't just the NICU, it is EVERYTHING that happened from his birth to going home. It was a lot! I am definitely doing well, but every once in a while I am just overwhelmed with anxiety! It's not fun, but has been getting better. I think it has just taken a while to really process everything too.

Halloween was fun and I was so glad to have good weather! The girls had a good time too! Sydnee was a Monster High girl, Madelyn was a devil, Emma a bride, Sophie a skunk, and Mason was an owl for parties and ended up a bear for Halloween night. My girls didn't want to match each other this year and I was kind of sad because I love a theme, but o'well. They are getting older and more opinions come with age!

Sydnee is doing well. She is in 4th grade and turns 10 this month. I can't believe that! She is pre-teen and has been having more emotions lately. A little pre-show for what we will be going through in a couple years. SCARY! She really is a good girl though. She does well in school and loves her friends and to dance!

Madelyn is 8 and is in 3rd grade. She was baptized the day before Mason came home from the hospital. She enjoys school too and is such a creative girl!

Emma is 6 and in 1st grade. She is the middle child trying to find her identity and voice in the family. She is taking tumbling this year and has a lot of potential! She is a beautiful girl!

Sophie is 3 and so much fun. She will tell you she loves you all the time. I love it! She goes to preschool and dance and asks every morning if she is going or not. She has such a fun personality!

I love each of our kids so much! I feel so blessed to be their mom! I have a lot to work on, and many times feel a bit overwhelmed, but I would never want my life any other way.

Our family went to the temple October 15th and my brother-in-law did Dylan's temple work. It was a very special day (and was very emotional)! It changed my perspective on how personal each person we act as proxy for should be.

Dylan's birthday was October 17th and we went to Mandy's house. Ryan was gone for work, but she was surrounded by family and friends. We tied blankets for Primary's and she had the kids make cupcakes. That night we went to the cemetary where we sang happy birthday and let balloons go. How hard! I miss him so much! We all miss him! Mandy and Ryan are amazing people, but I can't imagine how difficult it is for them and will be for the rest of this life!

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The Redhead Bunch said...

Linds-It is so good to hear Mason is home! Yay! Your kids are so darling and you are amazing. Love you.